More Beautiful Things


Welcome to our collection of unique home décor items which include crystal balls to catch you rainbows, unique ceramic gift cards and a range of delightful colourful ceramic magnets. These beautiful handmade items are perfect as small gifts that can be treasured for years. Enjoy browsing our exclusive collection of ‘More Beautiful Things’.

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Claycult applies Fairtrade practices in our studio workshop, our beads are hand rolled by Khmer women living in our local community.

More Beautiful Things

In this section we present our exclusive collection of beautiful small home décor items. Included in our unique range are our magical crystal balls & light catchers, hung on strings of Claycult handmade ceramic beads in bright bold colours… catching the light and adding rainbows to your day.

Our delightful range of handmade ceramic cards, presented here, make for a wonderful, small, thoughtful gift that will be appreciated over the years. Exquisite hung in a window, on a wall or on a plant in your garden, they include ceramic birds, hearts, trees & our most popular .. Elephants.

You will also find a wonderful range of colourful ceramic magnets. All of our ceramic items are handmade at our studio/workshop in Siem Reap Cambodia by women living in our local community. Our ceramic items are twice fired in our kilns to temperatures of between 1060-1100C.