Welcome to our exquisite and unique collection of handmade ceramic beads. Here you will find clay beads hand-painted with timeless spirals, others carved in patterns inspired by the great temples of Angkor & still more in varying shapes & sizes in rich bright glazes. If you love beautiful beads you will delight in our collection of exclusive handmade ceramic beads presented to you here.

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Claycult applies Fairtrade practices in our studio workshop, our beads are hand rolled by Khmer women living in our local community.

Handmade Clay Beads

Welcome to our wonderful world of handmade ceramic beads. Here you will find an exclusive collection of our most exquisite handcrafted beads. all handmade by women living in our local community of Siem Reap Cambodia. Included in this selection are our unique clay beads from Claycult’s Specialty range, many of which have an intricately carved surface design, allowing for rich and luscious surface treatments.

Others are hand-painted with intricate designs, such as our Twiggy range, or, in beautiful timeless spirals as in our Spiral bead range. Our options for glazes is extensive. We love to experiment with our glaze colour combinations, always trying new ideas & new techniques, continually coming up with new & up to date colours. Our tantalizing glaze colours include such names as Bronze Blush (a gorgeous burgundy shade with a metallic sheen), Watermelon (a bright vibrant red as its namesake suggests) and a dreamy rich Egyptian Green.

New to our ceramic bead range is our craft beads, perfect for mosaics & other hobby projects. These ceramic beads have no hole and are glazed one side only. We hope you enjoy perusing our delightful and unique range of handmade ceramic beads.

Claycult beads – something precious from the heart of this mystic land.