P’kgar in Khmer means flower.  These beautiful handmade ceramic beads in a deep sea blue glaze, are embossed with an all-over tiny flower pattern. The translucent glaze settles into the recessed areas of the bead highlighting the unique intricate design. Teamed with our tiniest handmade clay beads, these are a gorgeous pair of boho earrings .. for those that don’t mind being noticed.

Bead size: 6mm & 25 x 22mm

Pattern both sides






At Claycult we apply Fair-trade practices in our studio & workshop where all our beads are hand rolled by Khmer women living in our local community.

About our Beads

The beads are fired twice in our kilns to temperatures of between 1060C and 1100C.

Please note that as our beads are all hand crafted there may be slight differences in the beads to the one you see pictured. Any inconsistencies are to be expected and are part of the natural charm of handmade beads.

P'kgar Handmade Ceramic Bead Earrings - Blue

A beautiful pair of ceramic earrings embossed with a tiny all-over flower pattern in a gorgeous deep sea blue glaze.


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