Welcome to our exclusive collection of artisan handmade ceramic bead necklaces. From boho to classic elegance, here you will find designer necklaces suitable for a multitude of occasions. Matching ceramic bead bracelets & earrings are available for most items.

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Claycult applies Fairtrade practices in our studio workshop, our beads are hand rolled by Khmer women living in our local community.

Handmade Clay Necklaces

Greetings and welcome to our designer collection of beautiful artisan ceramic necklaces. From contemporary elegant pieces to colourful bohemian designs, we have something for every occasion. Claycult offers a range of tantalizing glaze colours with names like Tahitian Green (reminiscent of the beautiful black green pearls Tahiti is famous for), Egyptian Blue (a sublime translucent turquoise glaze) and Fairy Floss (a pretty translucent candy pink). If you are looking for a jewellery set, you will find matching bracelets and earrings for most items.

At Claycult each clay bead is unique. All of our ceramic beads are hand rolled and hand painted by women artisans living in our local community of Siem Reap. No two handmade ceramic beads will ever be exactly the same, allowing for something of the artisan who made it. If you are looking for that special gift, something beautiful, unique & to be treasured for years, you will be sure to find that exquisite item here in our ceramic bead necklace collection.

Claycult artisan necklaces come shipped to you in a ‘Smok’ box, handmade from the leaves of the majestic sugar palm, an icon of Cambodia.